Putting Action into Management

For the individual, financial security is important.  And for the businessowner, having a successful business with talented employees is a dream, but at Berry Financial & Insurance Solutions, everything revolves around relationships.  James Berry strives to serve clients as a trusted advisor.  He puts in extra effort to get to know clients as people and believes that this process helps him better understand where clients stand on the subject of financial planning overall.  Put simply, James sees every client relationship as long-term.

James aims to develop for each client a dynamic plan that will meet the client’s immediate needs and goals. This plan also will be flexible enough to adjust for unforeseen changes down the road. The process will detail the steps needed to conquer each obstacle and oversees progress as it all unfolds.

The typical on-boarding process comprises three primary phases an INTRODUCTORY, EXPLORATION, and PLAN DESIGN & EXECUTION:


  • Like the commercial “Getting to know you”, your goals, desires, and concerns.  This includes questions, note-taking and gathering of information


  • As you move through this phase, there will be analysis, more questions, and identification of needs, gaps, and practical evaluation of options.
  • All details and those peripheral to the objectives will be reviewed and evaluated using our tools and systems.


  • We will document goals, adopt your plan, and identify milestones.
  • There will be monitoring and assessment of progress and service items and adjustment